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Eating Disorder Treatment for Women and Teen Girls

Residential Eating Disorder Treatment for Women & Teen Girls

At Eden, we understand that each of our clients comes to eating disorder treatment with a different history and a unique story. To provide the best care for every client, we personalize treatment to ensure each therapy is the most effective and efficient way of helping on the path to recovery.

By having our programs in a residential setting, our clients are able to feel more comfortable as they reflect and heal, focusing on their eating disorder and co-occurring issues.


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The residential programs at Eden use evidence-based treatments and therapies and are backed by our experienced team of eating disorder experts including medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and dietitians. We have separate programs for teen girls and adult women.

Our nutrition approach is based in real-life experiences and we help our clients re-develop their relationship with food. That journey is supported through a variety of individual, group, and family meal experiential interventions.

We are dedicated to providing a private, safe, and tranquil home to support positive growth, healing, and recovery.


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