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Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that negatively  impacts a woman’s entire life and wellbeing. At Eden, we have developed specialized bulimia disorder therapies that support a  client’s road to recovery. The medical  strategies for bulimia care cover a vast range of physical and mental   approaches.  All treatment is  provided at our safe and  private center in Las Vegas.

To find out more about bulimia treatment at Eden, please take a look at the information below:

What is bulimia nervosa?

Bulimia is an eating disorder and mental health issue that has a devastating impact on the  human body and a person’s relationship with food. Those with bulimia often consume large quantities of food, commonly referred to as binge eating. They then purge the food by vomiting or taking laxatives. Some people also undertake extreme exercise regimes to try and rid themselves of the calories. This condition is not just a case of overeating on the odd occasion. It is a chronic and compulsive issue for those with this illness.

Bulimia can  be found in people of any age or background. Like most eating disorders, it is particularly prevalent in women between 18-25. Unhealthy and destructive thoughts and feelings about a person’s own body can lead to this condition. Therefore,  it is vital to identify the common signs that accompany this disease.

What are the common signs of bulimia?

For those living with bulimia, identifying the signs may be challenging. However, if bulimia is suspected in a friend or loved one, it is good to be familiar with the signs and  symptoms; these include: 

  • Extreme Fear of gaining weight
  • Eating excessive amounts in a short period of time and purging afterward
  • Using laxatives to empty stomach
  • Defensive behavior and mood swings
  • Anxious feeling about eating in front of others
  • Extreme exercise regimes
  • Hiding food to binge eat

How can you tell if someone might need bulimia nervosa treatment?

Those with bulimia often feel a great deal of shame and guilt around their food-related behaviors. Even they know that eating and purging is not a “normal” way of dealing with food. Therefore, they will hide their actions very well.  They do not want to be found out; even more, they rarely want help. Some additional components of bulimia include:

Depression and anxiety especially surrounding issues with food and appearance

  • Sharing negative thoughts and feelings about their body or self-esteem
  • Binge eating or compulsive spending on food
  • Hiding or hoarding food in the house
  • Moody and defensive behavior when confronted about their behaviors

Are there any other signs of bulimia?

Alongside the mental health issues that bulimia causes, there can be profound, even life-threatening, repercussions on the body too. These include:

  • Fainting and dizziness
  • Tooth damage and swollen cheeks caused by purging
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Change in voice due to purging
  • Muscle cramps

What is an effective treatment for bulimia nervosa?

Eden recognizes that treatment for anorexia and bulimia is dependent on individual needs. There is a range of various therapies for bulimia available at our Los  Vegas program, and these all include a fully supported plan to help you recover.

During treatment for bulimia nervosa, medication may be prescribed, such as an anti-depressant. This helps control the mental health aspects of the illness, while the underlying issues are addressed. Bulimia inpatient treatments also offer a supportive environment to improve the relationship with food and tackle compulsive behaviors.

The treatment for bulimia eating disorder is an individualized and sensitive process designed to  bring harmony back to the body and mind.

Specialized treatment for bulimia nervosa

Eden, like many bulimia treatment facilities, has a range of specific treatment strategies to support the recovery process.  We utilize two of the best treatments for anorexia and bulimia, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  and dialectical behavioral therapy. Our team has used these widely regarded approaches successfully for many years. Each  help to identify underlying issues that cause bulimia and help the client to deal with unpleasant emotions.

Can your body recover well after bulimia treatment?

Bulimia does have a  damaging impact on the mind as well as the body . This only indicates that recovery takes time. It depends on various factors, such as how long  has bulimia been present and what other health conditions that are involved. However, overall recovery is absolutely possible and women can go on to live happy and satisfying lives.

How our bulimia inpatient treatment centers can help

Eden offers a range of programs to women struggling with eating disorders. Our  professional staff is  there to support  each client every step of the way.

After treatment, the team continues to support each client in the transition  back to daily life. We provide guidance to reduce relapses and reoccurring disorders.

If you would like to find out more about mental health treatment centers and bulimia treatments, contact Eden today.

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