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Eden Treatment Center cares about providing the best treatment programs for bulimia and compassionate support for anyone suffering from the condition. As one of the top bulimia treatment centers, Eden offers tailored support and recovery plans around a unique treatment package with the aim of restoring your healthy body and mind balance.

What is Bulimia?

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder and a mental health condition. Bulimia involves consuming large quantities of food, particularly during bouts of binge eating, and subsequently ridding the body of this food, either through making yourself vomit up the food or by using laxatives to rid your body of waste quickly. Individuals with bulimia may also excessively exercise as a way to work off the large amount of food they have consumed, or it may be a combination of all of the above.

Individuals might do this in the hope to keep their body thin and not gain weight but still allow themselves to consume whatever food they like.

Bulimia can affect anybody of any age, but this condition is particularly at a peak with young women of the mid to late teenage years bracket. It is associated with issues of body image and lack of self-esteem, with a desperate need to remain thin, although some people may suffer from it without understanding why.

What are the Common Symptoms of Bulimia?

The most important warning signs to look out for are:

• Binge eating (which is an eating disorder and illness in itself, but can be a main symptom of bulimia, too)
• Making yourself vomit after eating, whether this is some meals or all meals
• Using laxatives
• Addiction to excessive exercise
• The constant fear of putting on weight
• Having low self-esteem about your body and being critical and negative about your body shape and weight
• Changes in mood or mood swings, such as feeling very anxious or uptight

If any of these symptoms apply to you, we urge you to seek bulimia treatment and look for your nearest bulimia treatment centers.

How Can You Tell if Someone Else Has Bulimia?

If you don’t suffer from bulimia yourself, but you’re concerned that someone close to you may be a victim to the condition, here are the signs to watch out for:

• Other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, low mood or social withdrawal
• If they constantly speak negatively about their own self-image or body image
• Constantly going to the bathroom after meals (as a sign of purging)
• Binge eating or spending a lot of money on groceries
• Hiding or hoarding food
• Compulsive behavior relating to food

If this applies to somebody you know, it’s important for you not to ignore the symptoms and seek bulimia treatment options for them.

What Are Other Signs of Bulimia?

Bulimia as an eating disorder will have repercussions for the body, which will manifest in physical symptoms. Signs to look out for include:

• Raspy voice (as an effect of purging)
• Bad teeth and gums (as an effect of purging, as stomach acid will work to erode the teeth and result in decay)
• Fainting
• Dehydration
• Fatigue
• Dry Skin
• Changes in menstrual routines in women, such as periods becoming irregular, late or stopping altogether
• Muscle cramping

How Often Do Bulimics Purge?

This can vary depending on the person and the severity of an individual’s bulimia. Some individuals may only purge once or twice a month, but others can purge several times throughout the day or after every meal they eat. Even rare occurrences of purging are still causes for concern. A tailored bulimia treatment plan can help to stop purging.


Can Your Body Recover from Bulimia?

Recovery is dependent on how long an individual has been struggling with their bulimia, and how quickly a bulimia treatment program has been sought. For those experiencing bulimia, it’s recommended to seek help as soon as possible to raise the chances of recovery. With correct treatment, most physical symptoms can be reversed and a health life restored. However, dental issues such as teeth erosion and discoloring due to constant vomiting may not be reversible depending on the severity of the damage. Overall recovery is certainly possible, however, with the right bulimia nervosa treatment options.

What are the Types of Treatment for Bulimia?

Treatment can vary based on age range, as under 18s may have a different recommended course of treatment. Bulimia inpatient treatment may be recommended for a fully supported plan during the course of recovery. Bulimia dietary treatment will also be applied in order to develop a healthy meal and diet plan to let your body recover. During treatment for bulimia nervosa medication may also be prescribed in the form of an anti-depressant to couple with solid therapy treatment and self-help guides. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can also be offered if your course of self-help guided treatment has not been effective after a number of weeks. This therapy will better guide you towards improved mental and physical health.

Dental assistance will also be provided in order to best care for your oral health during the purging and vomiting stages. This will help to better treat the acidic attacks on your teeth and gums.

What Can We Do to Help?

At Eden, we can provide supported bulimia residential treatment for anyone suffering from the condition. We are here to guide and support you through the difficult process. For bulimia treatment Las Vegas based sufferers can relax knowing that the team at Eden are here to restore the balance to your life. Your guided self-help treatment and therapy guidance will all be performed at one of the best bulimia treatment centers has to offer, stationed within a serene and safe environment during the course of your treatment.

We will speak to you compassionately regarding your personal struggle and reasons for your illness and tailor a plan accordingly.

If you’re looking for bulimia treatment centers in Las Vegas, then let Eden be your choice.


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