Our Core Values: Eating Disorder Treatment

Our Core Values


At the heart of everything at Eden Center for Eating Disorders is hope. We believe that recovery is possible and that there is life beyond the suffering that accompanies having an eating disorder. We know that freedom from eating disorders is possible because we have seen many people recover and live meaningful lives.


People with eating disorders may present with behaviors that are concerning or even dangerous. At Eden, we meet clients where they are and provide a safe place for them to make meaningful change. We avoid a power struggle and strive to always treat people with dignity and respect. We invite clients to be intentional in their choices, and in alignment with their own values and goals

Because we understand that our client’s lives are deeply connected to and influenced by the lives of those they love, we strive to provide culturally competent care that incorporates the values and goals of our clients and their loved ones, seeking to understand the people we treat within the context of their communities.

We are collaborators who see ourselves as one part of the greater picture in the lives of our clients. We seek input from sources outside of ourselves and welcome collaboration with like-minded organizations and stakeholders as we build a community of recovery.


We believe recovery is a creative process. Discovering and reclaiming our creativity can bring healing and wholeness. We believe creativity is in everyone. We seek to treat each one of our clients with a creative and curious approach, that incorporates their individual passions and innate strengths. We purposely design our treatment environment in such a way that clients are free to express themselves authentically and are encouraged to bring their full selves into their recovery. Our treatment plans and interventions are designed to adapt to the needs and temperaments of the individuals we serve.


We believe anyone reaching out to Eden Treatment Center deserves to receive safe and appropriate care, delivered by a team of professionals who are experts at treating eating disorders. Evidence-based practices form the foundation of our clinical model and are augmented by experiential, and less conventional interventions, that incorporate the preferences and values of our clients. We help clients to identify and build on their strengths and allow those strengths to shape the direction and focus of treatment.

When clients come to us, they are often experiencing a profound sense of disconnection and dysregulation. They may feel disconnected from their bodies, their emotions, their important relationships, and their communities. They may have significant trouble regulating their emotional states and physiologic responses, causing them to experience overwhelming distress. At Eden, we patiently teach and support our clients to begin regulating their emotions and nervous systems in gradual and gentle ways, so that they become experts at calming and resourcing themselves. As our clients gain confidence in their abilities to manage their emotions, they become less reliant on their eating disorders and other destructive behaviors to cope. From a more regulated place, they are able to successfully take on the tough work of recovery, in collaboration with the treatment team.

We're here to help

At the Eden Center for Eating Disorders, we offer all levels of care to ensure women and adolescent girls receive unparalleled support and guidance throughout their treatment journey. We treat each client as a whole, addressing both the eating disorder and the co-occurring issues that often accompany it.

To learn more about how we can help you reclaim your life, please contact one of our specialists today. Our team will be happy to answer all of your questions and offer guidance.

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