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Friendship House Mission Statement

Friendship House promotes the health and wellbeing of at risk adults by providing a respectful and supportive home based living environment, as a bridge from treatment to independent living. Friendship welcomes and encourages collaboration with resident’s families in order to encourage a successful reintegration into every day independent living, family and society.

What Support Services do we Provide?

Friendship House is the next best choice to transitioning an adult to independent living. Our House Managers provide a supportive mentor to residents. While House Managers are not clinical staff, they are partners in the clients’ plan for living successfully when they return to an independent home environment. House Managers send nightly reports and receive feedback from the resident’s clinical team in order to provide the best supportive experience possible to residents. Much like parents or family members, House Managers are not expected to be counselors or therapists, but they provide guidance and support. As we understand that our residents are still making a transition from treatment to home, as a safety precaution all House Managers are Med Tech certified, CPR certified, First Aid certified, and Narcan certified.

Requirements to get into Friendship House

If the resident does not fit within the guidelines, but their clinical team believes they are ready for the Friendship House transition, they are encouraged to speak to their Friendship House representative.

Eden: Yasmine Shahar
Alternative Programming: Yasmine Shahar


  • No serious self harm for a month (picking scabs doesn’t count)
  • No picking at scabs purposefully for 7 days
  • They have to have a 30 day plan, and a 60 day plan in the making
  • Impulse control (for resident’s Treatment Team to decide)
  • Medication Compliance for 30 days
  • Substance use craving reduction/frequency as evidenced by a stated and written commitment to a recovery plan
  • Commitment and enrollment to a partial or intensive outpatient program is required to be received by Friendship House


  • No disrespecting staff for 14 days (serious disrespect- for representative to decide)
  • Zero property destruction for 21 days
  • No bullying for 14 days
  • Autonomy, maturity, fire safety commensurate to age of resident

Clients should be ready to come to Friendship House as if they are returning to their typical family or home, with the plan of continued support of treatment in a partial or intensive outpatient program.

If the client needs to discharge from Friendship House due to breaking their sublease, but it is not at a level that they require going back into RTC, Friendship House staff will speak to the client about how to proceed.

About Us

Friendship House is open to all religions and walks of life, we discriminate against no one. We are an open home for adults who require support as they attend PHP and IOP treatment. We work with the clients’ Treatment Teams in order to facilitate a smooth recovery, however we are a stand alone Transitional Living Home with our own structure and system which is separate from any Treatment Program.

Friendship House provides transitional living for adults with unique accommodations for the Jewish community, and integrations into the Jewish community for our Orthodox clients. We provide a Kosher kitchen, Kosher food, Shabbos accommodations, and Rabbinical chaplaincy.

Clients are taken on trips and shopping experiences. This includes: Hiking, Slurpee trips, Ice Skating, Malls, Nail Salons, and much more. Covid changes the ability to do some of these things.

Friendship House Team

Rabbi Hayes

Founder and Director

Yasmine Shahar

Mashpia and Housing Supervisor

Tracy Rabb

Womens’ House Manager

Insurances Accepted

We Accept Most Major Insurances.

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