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Eating Disorders Residential Treatment Program (EDRTC) Women 18+


Eden Treatment Center for Anorexia Treatment, Bulimia Treatment, Binge Eating and Addressing Mental Health Illnesses

What We Offer

We have created a safe and secure environment for you to heal in a residential setting. We are fully staffed; 24/7; for the support you will need on your journey. Each home has a small milieu that allows for a targeted approach based on your current needs. This means there will always be multiple staff members available to support your journey.

There is a pool that will be available for those struggling with pain and pain management. We have a physical therapist available to help you with the pain through movement in the pool and will share other tools such as heat, yoga and mindfulness in order to reduce pain levels and increase function and mobility.

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. At Eden, our kitchen is a Kosher kitchen. We do not lock any of the food because this journey is not only about the food; but is about healing. Our nutrition approach is based in real-life experiences where we will re-develop your relationship with food through a variety of individual, group and family meal experiential interventions.

Our homes are designed to provide the privacy, safety, and tranquility needed to support positive growth and healing.

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