Residential Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescent Girls

Residential Eating Disorders Treatment for Adolescent Girls

Residential Eating Disorder Treatment for Girls

Our eating disorder program for adolescent and teen girls, ages 12 to 17, provides evidence-based treatment in a comfortable setting.  Our curriculum was created by a multi-disciplinary team of medical, psychiatric, and dietary specialists. We incorporate experiential and mind-body-wellbeing modalities to enhance the treatment experience and to fully engage our clients in the recovery process.

We utilize a variety of treatment modalities, including:


Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)




Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)


Equine Therapy


Art Therapy




Nutritional Alignment




Independent Living Skills


Attachment and Relationships


Eden is more than just a treatment program for adolescents struggling with a wide variety of eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions— all of our clients are fully supported in a safe, caring environment.

What We Treat

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of eating disorders, including:

Anorexia | Bulimia | Binge Eating | OSFEDARFID

We take a comprehensive approach to the whole person and the co-occurring mental health conditions and challenges that often can develop alongside the primary eating disorder diagnosis, including:

Anxiety | Depression | OCD | Self-Harm | Complex Trauma | Substance-Use Disorder


Eden is able to accommodate most levels of care needed for eating disorder treatment, including Residential, Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Outpatient.

Eden’s Culturally Competent Adolescent Program

Our program is especially designed to support adolescent girls from the Jewish community, who have a desire to heal in an environment that is committed to culturally competent care. All Eden clients, regardless of religious or spiritual background, are provided a fully Kosher dietary program, prepared by an orthodox Jewish chef and supervised by a Chabad Rabbi.

For those who desire it, we offer regular on-site spiritual support and guidance from our Rabbi and his wife, including holidays, Sabbath meals, events, and prayers. We provide opportunities for all of our clients, of all denominations, to reflect on the values and traditions that have shaped them with our caring support as they take on the hard work of recovery.

Families are honored as the experts on their children and are included and consulted throughout treatment. Families are welcomed and valued by our team; our goal is to strengthen and support relationships between families and clients and to assist our families with learning how to care for themselves as they support their loved ones.

Safety, Privacy & Tranquility

We offer 24/7 support in a comfortable, home setting provides:

  • Safety, privacy, and tranquility needed to support positive growth and healing.
  • Individualized treatment based on the client’s needs includes individual, group, and family therapy throughout the week.
  • A pool on-site as part of our available recreational activities
    experiential activities such as yoga, equine therapy, and mind-body wellbeing modalities.
  • Hands-on opportunities to practice dietary and therapeutic skills with staff guidance.
  • Weekly family support groups allowing families the chance to gain support and guidance which they can use with their loved ones during and after treatment.
  • Opportunities for on-site visitations with family and supports that also allows them to experience aspects of the daily treatment their loved ones are receiving.

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