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Yocheved Bitton, LCSW

Yocheved Bitton, LCSW

Clinical Community Liaison

Yocheved Bitton, LCSW

Yocheved Bitton is an LCSW and our Clinical Community Liaison here at Eden. With over a decade of experience as a social worker, she is highly capable and adept at communicating with at-risk youth and troubled families. Her experience as a social worker, program director, and court advocate makes her a much-appreciated addition to our team.

Yocheved has geared her career towards social work and helping her community from the very beginning, and comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College and a Master of Social Work from Adelphi University.

She has been working with at-risk teens from Jewish orthodox families for over a decade, and began her work as the Program Director at The Chill where she still dedicates her free time. Not only does she have extensive experience with building rapport and counseling at-risk teens, but she has also opened up her home for weekends and short term living so that these teens have a safe place to stay until more permanent aid can be decided.

Her career in social work has taken her to work at Ocean Partnership for Children, Lakewood Community Services Corporation, as a Court Appointed Special Advocate of Ocean County, and as a clinical social worker at CHEMED.

She has conducted community outreach programs to spread the word about the organizations she has worked for, enabling at-risk community members to find the help that they need. She has also worked on the other end of the spectrum in these roles and worked directly with clients to provide high-end treatment services to those with a variety of complex psychosocial needs.

Yocheved has worked in many areas of social work, even in courtrooms, and she has organized events and marketing strategies, directly with children and families, to advocate for childrens’ needs. She has worked with clients in inpatient and outpatient setting and has expanded her skillset to allow her to help youth with a variety of psychosocial needs and trauma histories.

A loving mother of four children, her compassion and tender touch have been driving factors towards her career and her success with working with a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns in teens. Her background as a social worker and her talents as a community liaison and event organizer make her the ideal addition to our team.

Her work here at Eden helps those in our community find our services and helps us receive the essential feedback we need to improve our services and grow as a whole. Organized, dedicated, and always a joy to work with, Yocheved is an essential member of our team here at Eden.

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