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Eden Treatment Center for Anorexia Treatment, Bulimia Treatment, Binge Eating and Addressing Mental Health Illnesses

What We Offer at Eden

We offer a completely safe and secure environment to address your problems. You will be able to discuss any and all issues you have faced in your personal battle with your mental or eating disorder. With Eden, you can trust that your recovery process will never be faced with judgment or negativity. We are here to support you, every step of the way.
We offer a step-by-step treatment program best suited for your illness, and for the steps you personally wish to take to achieve your health goals, whether physically or mentally. Your health and care are our priority, and we want to take those important steps with you.

We offer a true home away from home during your recovery journey. You will be provided with a safe and secure location which will truly transport you away from the rest of the world and your everyday lifestyle in order for you to embrace a tranquil environment to better help your positive mental wellbeing.

Based in Las Vegas, we offer the best in inpatient residential care to all those suffering from an illness who seek our help and expertise.

Overcoming a mental illness is significantly impacted by your environment. That’s why our skilled team work hard to ensure that your surroundings during your stay with Eden are peaceful, positive, and happy. We offer a true escape, during which your sole focus can comfortably be on overcoming your mental illness, without fear of stigma or judgment.
Sometimes, when you’re drowning under the pressures and negativity of a mental condition, a simple change of location and perspective can truly help, particularly when you know you are in an environment tailored for your very needs, without having to hide how you truly feel.

At Eden, we can provide all of that and more. Along with luxurious, comfortable rooms, our recovery center also comes with:

• A pool – tailored for relaxation as well as exercise benefitting better mental health
• A chef and nutritionist, to help you on the path to a healthy diet
• A team of experienced clinical staff providing therapy, psychiatry, and life coaching
• You’ll have 24/7 nursing and support staff on hand, so you can always feel safe
• Personalized health, yoga, fitness, and meditation, designed for practicing mindfulness and encouraging positive mental health
• Equine therapy
• Experiential therapies (learning through experience)

We offer respite and treatment for sufferers of depression, anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. We understand that although individuals may suffer the same condition, that doesn’t mean that their experiences will be the same. We take the time to listen to you and gauge your own personal struggle and tailor a guidance plan best suited to how you feel.

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